1. Measure/Sketch
    In most cases, we can provide a full service measure service. Or we can assist you with this process if a site visit is impractical.
  2. Design
    From the original sketch, we create a computer-aided design to ensure that all blankets will be a perfect fit. Every time.
  3. Estimate/Proposal
    We provide a no obligation project proposal to ensure that the blankets will also be a perfect fit within the budget.
  4. Delivery
    USPS Priority, Air Freight, Hand delivered. Customer pick up. Economy. Flexible. Timely. Fast.
  5. Installation
    Full service. Partial service. Advice for simple Do-It-Yourself.
  6. Referrals
    We get the majority of our projects after being referred from a satisfied customer. Isn't that the way it should be?